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10 Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Home

Home renovation feels fulfilling and rewarding when done correctly and according to what you envisioned. Of course, not everything will be under control and challenges are to be expected. Yet, it’ll be a transformational adventure for many homeowners who wish to modify or remodel their homes to feel up-to-date and brand new whether they’re aiming for a contemporary or classical style.

How can you prevent mishaps, regrets and unexpected issues that might impact the overall look and quality of the renovation project? What processes do you need to know that can help you make wise decisions— from design, material selection and construction up to post-construction?

Before we explore these questions, let’s take a look at the surprising benefits of renovating your home.

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Benefits of renovating your home

There is an increasing demand for home renovation in Australia since 2019. According to statistics, homeowners are relying heavily on professional construction and design-related service providers who have the expertise to complete renovation projects. Indeed, by employing a trusted residential construction company like Gogson Construction, homeowners can expect a high-quality construction process throughout their home’s transformation. Here are the benefits of a home renovation:

  • Fix safety issues You will start to notice the damages and other common issues as your home gets older— roof leaks, water damage, foundation cracks, etc. Renovation projects can take care of these safety issues.

  • Upgrade your home’s value Are you thinking of adding essential features to your kitchen or a ground-floor extension? Improving your home through a renovation project can increase the value of your home in the market.

  • Increase energy efficiency A residential renovation can increase your home’s energy efficiency and save you money. You can choose sustainable materials that are long-lasting and interior design that helps with cooling and insulation.

What you need to consider before renovation: Here are 10 essential things you should know before saying yes to a home renovation:

  1. Make an outline of your plan Make a realistic plan and map out all the details that you’re considering in the renovation. Envision how you want the finished project to look and make an action plan by making a detailed design direction that you want to communicate with the builders, architects, designers, etc.

  2. Create a checklist Expect your checklist to be a long list of your choices from contractors to suppliers and materials your team needs for the project. Include the process as well and don’t forget to ask questions and update your list before, during and after the construction activity. Prioritize the space and areas you want for renovation– do you need new cabinets in the kitchen? Are you planning to change the bathroom tiles? Do you want to add outdoor living space? Organise your checklist to know which tasks need to be done first.

  3. Consider the space and functionality Why do you need to renovate? Think of the space and functionality of the area and not just the aesthetic appeal of the room. In addition, consider the fixtures and appliances that will be placed in the area. Will it leave more space for people to move around? Will it feel claustrophobic?

  4. Set a budget It’s very important to run the numbers first before committing to the project. Visit several local hardware stores to get an estimate of the cost of materials and compare the prices. Shop for specialty service providers such as residential construction companies, interior designers, contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc. There are builders who also provide free quotations. Moreover, set aside a contingency surplus to protect you from delays and other setbacks.

  5. Identify the materials Don’t limit yourself by just looking at pictures on the internet or in magazines. When you visit your local hardware stores or design centres, see and touch the materials to get a feel of the quality, texture and aesthetic. You can request samples and swatches of the fabric, tiles, flooring, etc.

  6. Set a realistic timeframe Scheduling is a very complex task. You will need to coordinate with a project manager to organise the schedules of all teams involved including the arrival of the supplies and materials. Expect that renovation projects also take longer and consider all kinds of delays that could affect the timeline such as weather conditions, late delivery of materials, crew getting sick and other reasons that could delay the project. Be realistic and always consult and communicate with your team to keep all processes smooth despite the challenges.

  7. Identify the crew Work with a general contractor who knows how to coordinate a variety of builders, carpenters, plumbers, tilers, etc. Don’t spend unnecessary time choosing between a DIY job or hiring professionals to help build your dream renovation project.

  8. Read and understand contracts Request for a contract that should protect you against accidents and issues that can put you and the entire project at risk. The contract should include the details of the construction project, the timeframe, payment schedule and any penalties for failure to meet the deadline.

  9. Find out the permits you need for residential construction Compliance with building and construction regulations is always monitored by local authorities. The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has several guidelines to meet before the start of the building work. It’s the responsibility of the homeowner and contractors to know these compliance requirements. You can visit the VBA website for more information.

  10. Consider the impact of the renovation on your lifestyle. Try to imagine how your new space or the upgraded features of your home will affect the entire household's daily life. Always go back to your purpose of why you wanted the renovation. Once the construction is completed and you’ve all settled down, ask yourself this question: Did the new renovation make everyone feel more comfortable? Did it improve the noise and traffic in the renovated area? Has it improved your home’s efficiency?

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