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Gogson Construction takes pride in building high-end new homes, renovations and extensions forged by innovation, modern classic design & creative construction. We are an expert team of home builders passionate about craftsmanship and client satisfaction. We strive to deliver exclusive full-service or specialised construction solutions to our clients and become one of the leading home building companies in Melbourne where inspiring luxury dream homes thrive.


Renovations & Extensions

Are you looking to renovate heritage or essential features in your high-end home? We can help you with heritage restoration by blending the old with the new. Whether it’s a ground-floor extension or single and double-story additions, our team will take care of this special restoration project with deftness.  

Why do you need to consider extensions or renovations? Preserving the historical value or relevance of the space while introducing modern interior upgrades to adapt to modern living requirements is one of the reasons why many homeowners invest in such construction projects. This could also add a significant increase in the property’s value.

Kitchen Renovations

Did you know that kitchen renovation offers a higher return on recovery costs of around 60% - 80%? However, homeowners must be aware of the kind of kitchen improvements that must be applied if resale value is critical. But, if you’re keen on keeping your home and spending more on personalising your kitchen space, reinvigorate your home’s heart with something to be proud of. It doesn’t matter if it’s contemporary, rustic, sleek, or classic, our team can help you design and build your dream kitchen with the highest quality finish. 

Here are the top five luxury kitchen remodelling services that are in demand:


  1. Booth style seating 

  2. Double wall oven and built-in refrigerator

  3. Deep drawers and specialised storage

  4. Big windows to let natural light flow

  5. Open kitchen layout


Bathroom Renovations

Luxury bathrooms are one of the most popular remodelling and renovation projects to emerge.  When it comes to maximising comfort and functionality, having your own luxury bathroom at home provides personalised relaxation that can help improve your health and well-being. You can opt for an open shower, a fancy bathtub, high-quality fixtures and sophisticated finishes. Let us help you design and craft your dream bathroom.

New Homes

Are you ready to build your dream home? Do you have existing architectural plans and are simply looking for a quality builder? We offer comprehensive building services with the highest quality customer service from concept to completion. Beginning with design to construction up to post-construction, we’ll be here throughout the different stages of building your luxury dream home. We want to deliver new home packages to your satisfaction.


Ready to get your dream renovation started?

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