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The Best Type of Materials for Interior & Exterior Walls for Modern Houses

Walls are essential structural elements of any type of building. It provides boundaries, supports the weight of roofs and floors, and divides and encloses a space. Moreover, its main purpose is to protect dwellers from different weather conditions and environmental effects such as ultraviolet radiation, heat, and cold.

Outer and Exterior Walls

In construction, it’s important to differentiate outer walls from inner walls. The outer wall or exterior wall serves as an enclosure to the building for shelter. The inner wall, on the hand, is also known as the partition wall. It divides the space to create the required number of rooms inside the house.

Now that we’ve distinguished the difference between exterior and interior walls, let’s find out the best type of materials for each wall type.

Types of wall materials

Generally, walls are powerfully built to safely resist any kind of vertical and horizontal forces placed on them. When it comes to wall materials, there are many different forms and types that serve specific functions. For example, there are exterior walls made special for bushfire or wildfire zones. Its materials can resist high temperatures, burning, and decay.

Below are some of the best wall materials used in modern houses:

Exterior Walls

  • Brick Wall Bricks are one of the most popular choices in many residential constructions. It’s timeless, sustainable, and cost-effective. Its versatility as a wall material makes it work with wood and metal. In addition, it has thermal properties that retain heat in the winter and release it inside the house for cooling in the summer.

  • Cinder Block Wall Concrete or cinder block walls are another widely used wall material. It is a hollow rectangular-shaped material made from concrete and coal cinders. Cement is one of the binding ingredients used to make concrete. For stability, a concrete wall needs to rest on a concrete footing.

  • Stone Wall Stones are another classic material used since ancient times. But modern home constructions still prefer the aesthetic beauty and endurance that stone walls provide. The stones can be sourced locally such as limestones, granite, and sandstone.

Interior Walls

  • Wooden Wall Wood is a common material for interior walls. It offers a stylish and creative aesthetic that complements wooden doors and window frames. Mahogany, maple, and walnut are some of the hardwoods used in construction. Hardwood is durable and will last a long time.

  • Plywood Wall Plywood is not as durable as hardwood but its simplicity provides an inviting aesthetic to the home interior. Plywood comes in different styles and widths. It can be painted or leave its natural texture. However, it shouldn’t be used in wet areas such as bathrooms.

  • Glass Wall Glass walls are often associated with office interiors. But, there’s also a unique beauty in having a transparent wall at home. Glass walls allow natural light inside which brightens living spaces. It also creates a spacious illusion and a luxurious vibe.

  • Ceramic Tiles Ceramic tiles found in modern homes are versatile, durable, and creative. Many interior designers and architects are inspired by what ceramic tiles can do to transform a living space. Oxidised finishes, bold stone patterns, and nature-inspired designs are some of the artistic applications that can be done with ceramic tiles.

  • Marbles A marble interior wall produces natural, majestic, and luxurious beauty. Generally, marbles are expensive with Italian marbles being the most popular kind. It is heavy and difficult to install. Moreover, marble requires special cleaning to protect it from damage and scratches.

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